SeaDragon_Gen2_sideview_4Independent Aircraft is a company dedicated to the production of the SeaDragon Light Sport Aircraft and has the honor of being the first all composite amphibious aircraft specifically designed for the LSA category, as published by Jane’s Intelligence Group via “Jane’s, All the Worlds Aircraft”. The SeaDragon incorporates cutting-edge technology and design with a primary focus of providing safe, affordable, amphibious Light Sport Aircraft that outperforms all competition.

The SeaDragon Gen 2 is currently under going production engineering for mass manufacturing and we will keep posting updates as the progress continues. Independent Aircraft was incorporated in 2004, in which we attended the largest annual aviation event, Oshkosh AirVenture, for the first time.  A year later, in 2005, we returned to Oshkosh with X-JB1, the proof-of-concept vehicle, only to be washed out by Hurricane Katrina less than a month after our public debut with our flying prototype.

Since then Independent Aircraft has been quietly orchestrating strategic partnerships and building the foundation for a successful light aircraft manufacturing company.