Gen2 Specifications


The original SeaDragon proof-of-concept vehicle was the first all composite amphibious aircraft in the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) category. Years have gone into the design and development of the SeaDragon to deliver the most innovative aircraft in its class.

As many LSA pilots do their own maintenance, we had to design a maintenance friendly aircraft. Independent Aircraft follows the principles of “keeping-it-simple”, combined with a common sense approach and the experience gained from lessons learned from being the leader in amphibious LSA design to provide the most capable aircraft in this new market.  The SeaDragon Gen2 was designed to carry two people and your gear to your very own personal paradise!

The SeaDragon Gen2 has been designed from the beginning with the end user in mind to provide a safe and affordable amphibious LSA with the utmost importance on safety, while keeping it as lightweight as possible, in order to provide an amphibious LSA within the weight limit.


Engine:  Rotax 912si

Sea Levelunderside2png 

Max Power  120 kts.

  Initial Rate of Climb  1,238 ft./min.

  Take-off distance (water/50 ft. ob) – 1,450 ft.

  Take-off distance (water) –                    846 ft.

  Landing Distance (water) –                    670 ft.

  (note: take-off and landing at gross weight)

7,500 ft.

  Cruise (85%)  115 kts.

12,500 ft.

  Cruise (75%)  112 kts.

Range  625 nm.


Pricing:  $130,000 We have a comprehensive approach that accompanies our business philosophy and at the heart of this is product over press releases and non-consumer financed R&D backed by an existing service, maintenance, and repair infrastructure.  We believe that long term success is built on successful relationships. Instead of deposits, we have taken letters-of-intent for the first 200 aircraft and currently have dealership opportunities still available.

The SeaDragon Gen2 incorporates real world, cutting edge features, covered by six patents and is currently undergoing production engineering. Not only is the Gen2 designed to be the primary trainer for the LSA category, but the tailwheel/conventional design offers more bang for the buck because a flight school can offer a tailwheel endorsement, as well as a Seaplane Rating, all in one aircraft.  Also, the tailwheel eliminates the single point failure of the nose wheel that has turned the majority of tricycle landing gear equipped amphibious light aircraft into hanger queens.    

Due to the fact that some aircraft start-up companies are not honoring their “refundable deposits”, Independent Aircraft will apply a credit of up to $5,000 towards a purchase of new SeaDragon Gen2 for customers that have found themselves in this situation or if you just would simply prefer the Gen2 over another competitor that you have paid a deposit. For more information, please contact us.

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